Тренировочный лагерь КХЛ

30 Рет қаралды 858

Первый в истории КХЛ тренировочный лагерь в разгаре, игроки готовятся к OLYMBET турниру КХЛ 3*3, который стартует 22 июня!
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  1. Standoff2 scam
    Standoff2 scam
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  2. Arsh Khaira
    Arsh Khaira
    19 сағат бұрын

    This is the correct and beautiful way to develop a finesse skating technique. The ballet on the ice and form of the figure skating coach - why Russians skate so well. Something the Americans and Canadians do not pay attention to, but lately over the last decade the Americans are trying to copy and bring figure skaters to emphasize the skating form. Now even Austin Matthews was trained by Dorozhenko. Krasivay Khokhey. Many of the North Americans will make fun of me - that’s why Kovalev wore white skates, he began his journey with only figure skates that he could find. I’m not shy to say that the Russian Ballet and opera are a big inspiration. Have mercy and respect.